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The Geeks Take Over

Guest post by Cait Do you remember when vampires were taboo? Or when reading about wizards would make you a complete outcast with the word “nerd” forever tattooed on your forehead? How is it that these once untouchable subjects became so mainstream? I remember in middle and high school being the only one not reading [...]

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I Heart: The April Featured Bloggers Edition

Here are some of my favorite posts from my April Featured Bloggers: Cait (Read Drink & Be Bloggy): ♥ Cait does an excellent job of comparing the Hunger Games book and film.  I love when fans of books can objectively review movie adaptations without resorting to the tired old standby “The book was better” and [...]

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It’s StarFest!

I will be at StarFest (as well as HorrorFest and ComicFest) all day today.  If you follow me on Twitter and/or Instagram (tabcarson), be on the lookout for updates and fun pictures throughout the day.  I will also be doing an in-depth post about the fests on Monday!   CON ON!  

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Geek of the Week: Adam Ellis

I rarely use StumbleUpon, but I do have to credit them (it?) with one ingenious find – Books of Adam, the hilarious web comic/confessional blog of Adam Ellis.  Ellis lives in Portland and also works as a freelance artist.  His posts often involve embarrassing-but-true stories from his childhood and personal life.  The stories would be [...]

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I Heart: The March Featured Bloggers Edition

Here are some of my favorite posts from my March Featured Bloggers:   Natasha (Small and Charming): ♥ Natasha wrote about celebrating some important birthdays this month – her elder sister’s and her blogging friend (and fellow Featured Blogger) Kayte from Mermaid Eyes! ♥ As part of her “52 Wednesdays” feature, she wrote an amazing [...]

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Going Dark

[found here] I’m sure you’re aware of the recent bill proposed to Congress aimed at heavily regulating the internet.  SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) is intended to curtail illegal sharing of music, movies, and other copyrighted items.  Legislators who wrote and support this bill intend to accomplish this by blacklisting/blocking web sites that are alleged [...]

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Geek of the Week: Joel Watson

Joel Watson is the hilarious and talented creator of HijiNKs Ensue, a geeky pop culture webcomic that features exaggerated versions of himself and his friends, Josh and Eli.  Watson lives in Dallas, TX with his wife and daughter.  Follow him on Twitter (@hijinksensue) for extra LOLs.

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September Announcements (Some Really Big News!)

Guest Posting:  I am so happy to have Rhianna and J.D. guest posting for the blog. ( I am returning the favor to Rhianna by doing a film review series, “Tab Goes to the Movies”, on her blog, Bag of Holding.)  I am very excited to announce that Becca will also be joining us as [...]

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August Announcements

Can you believe the new Geektastic! has been up for a month already?  If you’re a regular visitor, you’ve probably noticed a lot of changes. The biggest change is the new design.  The basic design is “Bueno” from Woo Themes.  (I’ve tweaked it a little with the WP Google Fonts plugin.)  I like “Bueno” because [...]

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Geek of the Week: Bill Amend

Bill Amend is the hilarious cartoonist behind the long-running comic FoxTrot.  He started drawing cartoons at the age of nine, and drew cartoons for his high school and college newspapers.  Amend attended Amherst College and graduated with a degree in physics. 

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