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And the Winner is …

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I Heart: The Unbirthday Edition

  ♥ Love these collectibles from the latest American McGee’s Alice game – a Vorpal Blade replica and the Hysteria action figure! ♥ Disney Couture jewelry is gorgeous, and I especially love this “Drink Me” necklace! ♥ One more tote bag can’t hurt, especially if it has imagery from my favorite book-turned-classic Disney film!

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Unbirthday Mega GIVEAWAY!

Is there a better way to celebrate my birthday than hosting my biggest giveaway yet?  I’m so excited about the amazing stuff I have for you this time!  Here’s what you’ll win:

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June Announcements

♥ My Summer At the Movies continues this month with four huge releases:

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May Announcements

♥ Cait (Read Drink & Be Bloggy) is joining us as a Geek Mom with her series “Bloggy Mommy”.  I’ve already read her first post and it’s pretty amazing, so get excited and be sure to check it out on May 18th!

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Diaper Bag of Holding :: Congratulations!

Congratulations to…….. *drum roll* Entry #36 Kathy B.   She won the Geektastic/(Diaper) Bag of Holding Blog’s Nightmare Before Christmas Swag Giveaway!   We are very grateful for all the entries for this giveaway and hope that everyone continues to enjoy both of our blogs! Keep a lookout on both blogs for more giveaways!   [...]

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April Announcements

[found here] ♥ We’re going to see some new faces among our “Featured Bloggers”! ♥ Now that our weekends have died down a bit and we are finished with the big apartment overhaul, Scenes From Friday will be making a return in a big way! ♥ I will be attending StarFest, HorrorFest, and ComicFest on [...]

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I Heart: The Spring Has Sprung Edition

It’s crazy warm here, so I think it’s finally officially spring! ♥ This kitchen utensil set just makes me happy. ♥ Firebox (among other things) makes me want to move to the UK post haste.  Check out this amazing book tent! ♥ Offbeat Home contributor Jax Adele threw an absolutely AMAZING “MST3K” birthday party for [...]

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To the [Giveaway] Polls!

Confession time: I love doing giveaways.  It probably stems from my love of giving gifts.  After two super successful giveaways, I wanted to do something really special, and what could be a better time than right around my birthday/blog anniversary!  Yep, you heard it here first – during the last week of June, I will [...]

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I Heart: The March Featured Bloggers Edition

Here are some of my favorite posts from my March Featured Bloggers:   Natasha (Small and Charming): ♥ Natasha wrote about celebrating some important birthdays this month – her elder sister’s and her blogging friend (and fellow Featured Blogger) Kayte from Mermaid Eyes! ♥ As part of her “52 Wednesdays” feature, she wrote an amazing [...]

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