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March Announcements

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Here are the Geektastic things you can expect for March:

I’m participating in “30 Days of Lists” this month!  It’s an awesome group and there’s still time to register, so head over there and check it out!  You can follow along with my lists on my Tumblr blog, Brains and Gears.  (Occasionally, you’ll see the lists pop up here as well.)

We’re going through a bit of an overhaul here at the house, so I’m planning a series of posts highlighting the changes, which will give you a tour of our little Den of Geekitude!

At the end of June, I’ll be throwing a Super Giveaway in honor of my birthday and Geektastic’s birthday (worth $100!).  I’d love feedback on what you all would like to see, so email me with any and all ideas!

You’ll be seeing “Geek of the Week” interviews from my Featured Bloggers Rhianna and Natasha

I still have one small Featured Blogger spot left for March!  You can check out the features here and contact me if you’re interested!
Love Tab

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Tab is a 29 year old geek – married, with three adorable cats. Her life revolves around books, movies, Dr Pepper, robots, zombies, and occasionally, zombie robots.