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Geek of the Week: Yasmine Surovec

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If you’re lucky enough to have kitties in your life, you know the effect they can have on you.  You start talking incessantly about them and take a million pictures.  You can identify their mood swings and personality quirks.  When you’re alone, you may even carry on conversations with them.

No one knows this feeling better than Yasmine Surovec, the creator of the blog comic “Cat vs Human“.  Yasmine’s adorable comic features her four beautiful kitties – Shelley, Money, Dumpling, and Oscar.  She identifies as a “crazy cat lady”, albeit a stylish one, and hilariously depicts her furry children’s misadventures.

If you’re a cat lover, you definitely need to check out Cat vs Human.  Yasmine also has another (equally adorable) blog comic, “Lemonade Swimming Pool“, and you can follow her on Twitter (@yasmine_surovec).


One of my favorite Cat vs Human comics [found here]


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