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September Announcements (Some Really Big News!)

Guest Posting:  I am so happy to have Rhianna and J.D. guest posting for the blog. ( I am returning the favor to Rhianna by doing a film review series, “Tab Goes to the Movies”, on her blog, Bag of Holding.)  I am very excited to announce that Becca will also be joining us as a Geek Mom!

New Additions:  I’ve added several new widgets!  The sidebar now includes a “Featured Posts” widget that shows off related posts with corresponding pictures and excerpts.  I will occasionally change the topic to reflect related events.  I’ve also added a Flickr feed to feature my latest pictures.  Underneath the Flickr feed, you’ll notice a specific “Featured Posts” widget that allows you to keep up on the blog’s latest announcements.  The biggest change is the new logo, however!  I’m really excited to have the “Smiley Tab” as my new mascot.

Spread the :  You now have the option of sharing the posts you enjoy with others.  The “Like”, “Tweet”, and “+1″ buttons are available at the end of each post.  If you  have your own blog and would like to throw a little love my way, there is a blog button (with corresponding HTML code) in the sidebar!

Attention Colorado Sci-Fi Fans:  The Denver science fiction literary convention, MileHiCon, will be taking place October 21-23.  Because I am covering several events in October, unfortunately I will unable to attend.  If you are planning to attend and would like to write a guest post about the event, please email me at tabcarson@tabcarson.com and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Important News for Blog Followers

As I previously mentioned, as of today, I will no longer be updating on Blogger.  The blog will continue to be available as an archive of my previous posts.  To receive regular updates, you can subscribe by email (in the sidebar) or add me on Google+.

If you choose the email route:  Your information will not be shared with anyone else, nor will you get any spam from Geektastic! or tabcarson.com.  The only thing you will receive is blog post updates.  Getting updates via email is the best choice if you’re just interested in reading the latest posts.

If you choose Google+:  I will add you to my “Blog Followers” circle and you will receive updates (via the Google+ stream) that relate directly to the blog.  The majority of the updates will be links to the latest blog posts, but I will occasionally post about upcoming events and announcements.  Google+ is also great if you’re looking for a more interactive experience.

RSS:  You also have the option of subscribing by RSS feed.  One of the benefits of WordPress is that you can subscribe to specific sections of the blog rather than the entirety.  If you are mainly interested in the Geek Mom or I Heart posts (for example) you can choose to get RSS feed updates from only those categories.

And now, for the really BIG news . . . .

I will be hosting my very first GIVEAWAY!  It will consist of multiple items, with a total value of over $50!  Your first chance to win will be on September 23rd – the first day of fall!  Good luck!
Love Tab

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