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The Geektastics

The Geektastics is a place for anyone who is obsessed with niche interests, passionate about the things they love, and excited to share those things with others who are equally obsessed and passionate.

The New Geektastic!

Geektastic has become the flagship mini blog of The Geektastics, a brand new geek-centered community! This site will be an archive of past posts, but you can find all future posts at our new home!

Bag of Holding

Diaper Bag of Holding is also moving to The Geektastics as a feature of the mini blog Bag of Holding. You can find all DBOH posts (including past posts) on the mini blog!

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Hi, I’m Tab!

I’m a 29 year old geek – married, with three adorable cats. My life revolves around books, movies, Dr Pepper, robots, zombies, and occasionally, zombie robots.

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